Faster, simpler solar installations with Pika PV Link

PV Link™ gives installers a simpler, faster way to install high-performing systems that meet Rapid Shutdown requirements.

Microinverters showed the world the benefits of managing system performance at the module level, but putting inverter electronics on the roof is a bad bet. They get hot, they fail, they result in warranty claims and return visits.

DC optimizers on each module look to solve this problem, but it’s still too much equipment on the roof.

Worst of all, both microinverters and module-level DC optimizers take too long to install. More components means more time spent wiring modules on the roof.

Pika Energy developed the Pika PV Link™ as a sub-string solar MPPT and optimizer that adds speed and ease to the installation of high-performing PV systems. Integrators can connect 2-9 PV modules on a single Pika PV Link, making installation up to 85% faster than when using module-level electronics.

PV Link groundmountPV Link’s flexibility allows you to design small strings of modules to manage complex rooflines and shading. Unlike other module optimizer systems, with PV Link, installers can create asymmetrical strings linked on the same inverter. One string might be 8 modules in a flat, open area of the roof – another might be 4 modules designed around the shade pattern of a chimney.

The combination of fast, simple installation and the ability to design a smart, robust system –all fully compliant with NEC’s Rapid Shutdown requirement– gives PV Link the edge over the competition.

PV Link connects to Pika inverters and battery charge controllers on a 380VDC nanogrid, offering extremely low transmission loss. Quiet and compact, PV Link uses natural convection cooling in a low-profile enclosure for roof-mount or ground-mount applications.

Pika PV Link InstallationPV Link is a key component of the Pika Energy Island™, a product suite that gives buildings full islanding capability with advanced battery storage. The Energy Island uses REbus™ DC electronics to keep all sources, loads and storage centrally managed and tracked in the REview™ reporting dashboard.

Integrators need a better solution to make residential PV installations faster, while providing customers the option of adding system upgrades like seamless backup power and load shifting to manage utility costs. PV Link is an inexpensive approach that uses common-sense design and electronics to help integrators offer a top-quality system that won’t result in long installation times, code problems or the hassle of many warranty repair calls.