pika dc nanogrid equipment

A look inside Pika Energy’s on-site nanogrid

Pika Energy’s manufacturing headquarters in Westbrook, Maine, is also the site of a DC nanogrid using solar power, batteries and DC lighting connected by Pika inverters, optimizers and charge controllers. Here’s a photo of the solar-powered backup system, which directly powers the DC lights with exceptional efficiency.

Note that this system includes two battery banks and two sets of inverters, for testing purposes. A true Pika Energy Island requires only one blue box (The Pika Islanding Inverter X7601, at center), and a high voltage battery. For our demo setup, when that red AC breaker switch is thrown, the grid goes away and Pika’s system keeps the lights powered using solar, batteries, and the Pika Islanding Inverter X7601.

pika dc nanogrid equipment

Equipment used in the microgrid includes:

Qty 9 LG 315 solar modules

Pika Islanding Inverter / X7601

Qty 2 Pika Battery Charge Controllers / B801

Pika Grid-Tie Hybrid Inverter / X3001

Qty 1 Pika PV Link Optimizer / S2501

Qty 6 Aquion Energy S-Line Battery Stacks

Qty 8 Trojan 6V L16RE Deep Cycle Batteries

Outback Power Systems DC Breaker Panel

MidNite Solar DC Combiner Box

DC lighting arrays

Here’s a one-line diagram of the system shown above.

pika dc nanogrid one line diagram