We are often asked about our name and its origin. Here are some responses to common questions we hear about Pika Energy’s company name.

What is a “pika?”

The American pika (pronounced “PIE-kah”) is a small, rabbit-like animal (lagomorph) living at high altitudes in the western mountains of the United States.

Pikas are known for harvesting and storing vegetation and can often be seen scampering around mountains carrying a large mouthful of sprigs and leaves.

Why did we name our company after the pika?

The pika is not only a resourceful and noble creature worthy of esteem, it’s one of the most climate-endangered species in North America. As the climate warms, the pika needs to continue to move its habitat to higher altitudes to access the heavy snow pack it needs to store its winter harvest. Pikas are already living at the highest possible band of altitude, and yet, there still isn’t enough snow for the pika to store its harvest.

Like many plant and animal species, the American pika faces extinction due to the effects of man-made climate change.

We started Pika Energy in 2010 with a vision of bringing clean, smart, and affordable power electronics to American homes and businesses. In our hearts, our company and vision are far greater: We endeavor to reverse the effects of climate change by replacing fossil fuel-generated electricity with distributed clean energy systems nationwide.

Our mission is to save the pika from its fate. Every Pika Energy Island or Pika wind/solar hybrid system we manufacture gives the pika more hope for survival.

When you work with Pika Energy, you join us in supporting the American pika, and supporting all climate-endangered species.

Bonus Trivia

Each Pika Energy product is codenamed after this special class of climate-endangered animals. To date, we’ve developed products codenamed “Puffin,” “Ursa,” “Cheli” and “Caretta.”

hiding-pika-circuitOur circuit boards include a pika graphic hiding among all the electronics components. But don’t go taking apart your Pika Energy products looking for the hidden pika! We suggest you take a scenic hike in the Rocky Mountains if you want to find a pika.