SnapRS™ NEC Solar Rapid Shutdown Device

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Meet NEC 2017 690.12 Solar Rapid-Shutdown Code Requirements with SnapRS™

About Pika Energy SnapRS™

SnapRS (pronounced Snap-Are-Ess) is a revolution in compliance for smart solar-plus-storage systems. With SnapRS, installers have a simple, inexpensive way to meet the 2017 NEC PV rapid-shutdown requirements when installing the Pika Energy Island.

  • SnapRS installs on a 1:1 ratio with PV modules using industry standard MC4 connectors.
  • SnapRS works with PV Link™.
  • No additional PVRSS compliance equipment is required.

Streamlined Disconnect Device. Inline Installation.

At just 7 inches long and a mere 100g, SnapRS installs with your array’s cabling rather than requiring a special bracket or bonding hardware. SnapRS features high-quality, USA-made Staubli MC4 connectors for fast, secure connections to PV module whips. Installation is fast, easy and the device clicks into place (It’s a “snap” for Rapid Shutdown).

Simple Design and Configuration for Your Solar System

Forget about data relays, mesh network setups or specialized and interchangeable cover-plates.  SnapRS is plug-and-play compatible with Pika Energy Island™ products like Pika PV Links and Islanding Inverters.

Solid-State Switch Topology

A design that uses zero moving parts makes SnapRS hard to kill. You’ll find the simple circuitry is rugged, elegant and cost-effective. In third-party accelerated lifetime-testing, SnapRS has proven to be able to survive and operate in conditions that far exceed real-world conditions, so system designers and installers have a wide margin of safety.

Rugged Design

You want your parts to last, and SnapRS is waterproof, heat-proof, dustproof, shockproof and ice-proof — it cannot be stopped by Mother Nature. SnapRS features high-quality industry-standard MC4 PV connectors and A fully potted body stands up to the elements in the harshest conditions. SnapRS is offered to you a 25-year standard warranty.

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Most states require NEC 2017 compliant solar PV installations. Learn how to install the most integrator-friendly 690.12 PVRSS solution today.