PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Don’t be left in the dark. California’s PG&E utility company is instituting a policy of turning off the grid to reduce the risk of wildfires during dry and windy periods. These shutoffs are called “Public Safety Power Shutoffs.” In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff, ALL homeowners in an affected service area will have their power shut off until weather conditions normalize. It is critical that you have a plan in place for regular multi-day power outages throughout the Summer and Fall dry-season. Your plan should include a safe backup power system that can keep your home powered 24/7 using the sun, like the Pika Energy Island™.

A Powerful Solution: The Harbor™ Smart Battery From Pika Energy, A Generac Company

Take control of your energy security and maintain your independence with the Pika Energy Island. This solar-plus-storage solution combines solar generation and smart battery storage using a single, powerful inverter. When the grid goes down, this system picks up the load and restores power to your home’s circuits in under a second. You may never notice that the grid is down!

Multi-day outages are no problem for Pika Energy Island owners.  Our system uses the most powerful smart battery on the market, the Harbor smart battery. Able to store up to 17.1kWh of energy, Harbor has enough power, capacity and capability to ride out extended outages in comfort. When paired with a new solar installation, Harbor can charge directly from the sun to power a home for days on end without grid power. Multiple batteries can be combined for even more power and more capacity should you need it.

Harbor not only features more capacity and power than other smart batteries, it has unique performance characteristics that set it apart as well. Harbor’s “black-start” capability, for instance, makes the Pika Energy Island an ideal choice for backup duty. If the battery is ever completely depleted, the system can restart using solar power alone, without the help of the grid. This capability cannot be replicated with AC coupled batteries.

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