More power. More capacity. More capability.

Not only does the Pika Energy Island™ give you more juice when you need it, we package our power with refined controls and capabilities that will save you money and keep you out of the dark. No other system offers this much power, capacity and capability.

This graph compares the power and energy capacity ratings of three of the most popular home batteries available on the market. Pika Energy’s Harbor Plus™ smart battery is shown in blue.

System Specifications

The Pika Energy Island is the most powerful solar plus storage system on the market. Compared to the leading residential battery brands, we offer as much as 2x the continuous power and 70% more capacity. Our super efficient system means that you will get to put more of the solar power you produce to use in your home. Enjoy more power when you need it with the Pika Energy Island.

SPECIFICATIONSPika Energy IslandCompetitor ACompetitor B
Battery TypeDC batteryAC batteryDC battery
Usable Energy @ 30C17.1kWh13.5kWh9.3kWh
Capacity Ratio**1.211.1
Continuous Rated Power6.7kW3.3kW3.3kW
Maximum Continuous Power9.0kW5.0kW5.0kW
Surge Power (islanding)12.0kW7.0kW 7.0kW
Surge Power (single battery)10.0kW7.0kW7.0kW
Roundtrip Efficiency – PV to ES to AC93.00%86.00%91.70%
Roundtrip Efficiency – AC to ES to AC90.70%90.00%89.80%
Warranty Period10 Years10 Years10 Years
Warrantied Throughput (MWh)45.3637.822.4
UL9540 (Certified Home Energy Storage)YesYesNo
UL1973 (Stationary Applications)YesYesYes
UL1642 (Standard for Lithium Batteries)YesYesYes
*It is important to have a local user interface. If access to the internet is disrupted by a power outage, system controls are still available.
**Capacity Ratio = Total Capacity / Usable Capacity

System Capabilities

Power and capacity are important, but far from the whole story. When shopping for a car, do you look for the fastest car or the car with the biggest gas tank? Usually, people buy the car with the best features to meet their needs: AWD to get to the mountains more frequently, or airbags to carry their family safely to school. The Pika Energy Island comes with a range of unique capabilities that put its power and capacity to better use for you. These capabilities are what sets our system above the rest.

CAPABILITIESPika Energy IslandCompetitor ACompetitor B
Self-Supply CapabilityYesYesYes
Backup Power CapabilityYesYesYes
Off-grid CapabilityYesNoYes – Limited
Time of Use (TOU) CapabilityYesYesYes
Multiple Battery CapabilityYes – up to 4 batteries per inverterYes – up to 10 batteries per serviceYes – up to 2 batteries per inverter
Grid Export CapabilityYes – “Sell” modeNot at this timeYes
Zero Export CapabilityYes – “Zero Export” modeNot at this timeNo
Peak Avoidance CapabilityYes – “Demand Charge Management” modeNot at this timeNo
Grid Charge CapabilityYes – “Priority Backup” modeNo – not if solar is installedYes
Manual Control Capability*Yes – control the battery from the inverterNo – cannot control battery without internet connectionYes – control the battery from the inverter
“Dark Start” CapabilityYes – restarts with PV powerYes - restarts with PV powerNo – full discharge requires service