Pika Energy Island Accessories

Pika Energy Island Accessories open up new functionality, allowing system designers to get even more out of the already capable Islanding Inverter. Put the power of the Energy Island to work for your application with these accessory kits.

ATS Control Adapter Kit

Unlock whole-home backup power


Get the most out of the Pika Energy Island’s backup power capabilities with the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Control Adapter Kit for whole-home backup.

Kit Contents:

  • ATS Control Adapter
  • Cable labels
  • Optional adhesive locking mount

Just two plug-and-play RJ45 (Ethernet type) connections are needed between the Pika Transfer Switch Control Adapter and a Pika Islanding Inverter. Magnetic feet make for fast installations to the interior of an ATS enclosure. Attach the ATS control adapter to a non-ferrous enclosure using the included adhesive mount. The ATS Control Adapter requires RJ45 cables and current transformers, sold separately.

CT Kit

All-in-one kit for easy CT integration


Adding Current Transformers (CTs) to your Pika Energy Island unlocks new potential and capability like time-of-use control, zero-export capability and local consumption insight. Because sourcing CTs from third parties can be difficult, Pika now offers the CT Kit. Now adding CTs is easier than ever. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to add additional capability to your Pika Energy Island.

Kit Contents:

  • 2x current transformers
  • 1x RJ45 adapter

Included with the CT Kit are two clamp-type current transducers sized for standard 200A services. Wire-runs and lead extensions are easy thanks to the included RJ45 connector.


Download Pika Energy Island Accessory Kit Datasheets