Become a Pika Certified Installer™

Make the Pika Energy Island your go-to solution for solar-plus-storage and grow your business with powerful and repeatable installations.  All Pika Energy Island installers will increase their revenue by attracting and closing higher-value customers with a premium, US-made product and open up off-season work and future upsells with battery-ready systems. Participants in the Pika Energy Certified Installer program will uniquely align their brand with Pika Energy and Panasonic.

Certified Installers adhere to the highest quality installation standards, and receive ongoing training and sales support from Pika Energy, including lead-sharing.

Certified Installer Benefits

Pika Certified Installers receive the following benefits:

  • Advanced training by Pika’s experienced and knowledgeable technical team
  • Qualified Pika leads are funneled to your team, helping to grow your business
  • Exclusive marketing materials to help you sell and install Pika products
  • Exclusive topic and market-specific webinars to help increase your Pika sales
  • Pika Certified Installer badge for your website

How to Become a Pika Certified Installer

Pika makes it easy for well-qualified installers to join our network of Certified Installers. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Attend a Pika training event.  At least one technical and one sales representative from your company must attend (typically 3 hours)
  2. Review system diagram for your first Pika installation with Pika team;
  3. Purchase Pika equipment through a Pika Authorized Distributor;
  4. Perform “Pre Flight Check” with Pika Technical Support;
  5. Create REview™ account for first Pika system; help customer activate their REview account;
  6. Receive “Certified Installer” certificate;
  7. Add “Certified Pika Energy Installer” badge to your website
  8. Begin receiving Pika leads

Certified Installer Qualification Requirements

Before applying to become a Pika Certified Installer, please ensure that your company meets the following criteria:

  • Located within the United States (including territories) or Canada with valid EIN
  • Successful business track record of at least two years installing PV equipment
  • Install a minimum of three (3) Pika Energy Island systems each year

Premier Certified Installer Program

Pika recognizes Certified Installers who have made the biggest commitment to growing with Pika as Premier Installers. Premier Installers get exclusive access to selling tools and support from Pika Energy and must meet the following requirements:

  • Achieve and maintain NABCEP certification
  • Sell 10 or more Pika systems in a calendar year with high customer satisfaction
  • Ensure customers leave reviews of Pika on leading platforms (e.g., EnergySage)

Premier Installers receive the following additional benefits:

  • Joint press-release announcing Pika Premier Installer status
  • Co-marketing funds to grow Pika Energy Island sales
  • Promotion from Pika Energy on our website and in social media forums