Pika Installer Resources

Note on system design and procurement:

This note is intended to help system designers, purchasers and PV installers plan for a successful Harbor Smart Battery installation on a timeline. Please familiarize yourself with this list of tasks and their timing relative to your projected installation date.

Complete the following up to two weeks prior to installation:

  1. First, verify that the installation location meets all site requirements, per the installation manual.
  2. Familiarize yourself with all manuals and instructional videos.
  3. Design your system according to Pika approved guidelines.
  4. Place your order early: shipping-times for battery modules may exceed 10-days.

Download the complete Harbor Smart Battery installation checklist here.

Product Manuals and Datasheets

Find up-to-date manuals and datasheets for all of Pika's products below. If you need assistance, please contact sales@pika-energy.com

Product NameModel NumbersProduct ManualsProduct Datasheets
Pika Islanding Inverter™X7602 (SN below X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN below X11402-2057)
Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual
Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual
Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Pika Islanding Inverter™X7602 (SN above X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN above X11402-2057)
Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual
Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual
Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Coral™ Smart Battery 14ASB288Coral SB14A™ Installation Manual Coral Smart Battery Datasheet
Harbor™ Smart BatterySB10P (Flex), SB15P (Plus)Harbor Smart Battery Installation Manual
Harbor Smart Battery Operation Manual
Harbor Flex™ Smart Battery Datasheet
Harbor Plus™ Smart Battery Datasheet
PV Link™S2501PV Link™ Installation Manual
PV Link™ String Size Calculator (paper)
S2501 PV Link Datasheet
REbus Beacon™NAREbus Beacon Installation Manual
REbus Beacon Operation Manual
Wind-solar InverterX3001X3001 Inverter Operation ManualX3001 Datasheet
Home Wind TurbineT701T701 Turbine ManualT701 Datasheet

Pika Energy Island Accessory Kit Datasheets

These kits expand the functionality of the already powerful Pika Energy Island.

Product NamePika Part NumberNoteProduct Datasheets
Pika ATS KitATSK-01Enables whole-home backup with an external automatic transfer switch.ATS Kit Datasheet
Pika CT KitCTK2-01Enables self-supply modes and the tracking of utility consumption. CT Kit Datasheet

Pika Energy Technical Resources

Our library of product technical resources.

California SGIP Storage Incentive Pika Energy SGIP Kit v2

Pika-specific documentation package for application for the SGIP storage incentive in California.

CPUC SGIP Information
Register as a California SGIP qualified-installer
System DesignEnergy Island Sizing ToolAn .XLSX document for system planning. Configure PV Link strings based on module specifications and plan battery size requirement based on load calculations.
REbus BeaconTOU Program GuideExplains configuration of the REbus Beacon for TOU and zero-export functionality in CA and HI markets.

Installation Videos

Our complete library of instructional product-installation videos.

ProductVideo Link
Harbor Smart BatteryFull Installation Video
Pika PV LinkFull Installation Video