Pika Energy – ConnectedSolutions BYOD Program

Save money, keep the lights on, and participate in a new distributed energy economy. Earn hundreds per year for sharing your battery with the grid.

National Grid customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island who are shopping for a Pika Energy Island™ system have an incredible opportunity to earn money and increase the return on investment for their new system. The new ConnectedSolutions™ program allows solar-plus-storage system owners to receive compensation for supporting the New England grid system during periods of highest demand.

How does ConnectedSolutions work?

When excessive demand strains the grid, utilities have to find extra power to respond to that demand. These high demand periods often are on the hottest days of the year when air conditioners are running. Until now, responding to demand has meant turning on expensive “peaker plants,” gas fired power plants that are extremely expensive to run. New technologies like the Pika Energy Island are giving grid operators—cleaner and cheaper options through battery demand response (“DR”).

By enrolling Pika Energy Island system owners like you into ConnectedSolutions, National Grid can network hundreds of smart batteries and call on them to respond to high-demand events. This process saves National Grid money and the savings are passed on to you.

When National Grid needs battery power to meet peak demand, such as on a hot afternoon in July, it will call a demand response event.  Over a period of 2 or 3 hours, your system will automatically export as much stored energy to the grid as possible for the duration of the demand response period. You will be compensated (for more details) based on the average amount of battery power that your system is able to supply to the grid over the summer period  Pika Energy Island system owners have the option of earning more money by also participating in non-summer months.

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