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Solar Children
Matt’s solar-powered Pika Energy Island and Harbor Smart Battery allow his family to maximize their use of clean power

Your investment in solar panels will insure many years of clean power for your home as an alternative to the fossil-fuel grid. But, did you know that most solar energy products won’t keep your home powered during a grid blackout?

The U.S.-made Pika Energy Island adds smart energy storage to your solar system, resulting in uninterrupted clean power, even during blackouts. Get more from your solar with simple, automated energy storage technology designed for the modern home.

How It Works

The Pika Energy Island is the only complete energy management platform that allows homes to collect, store, and consume clean power as an alternative to the fossil fuel grid. We created the Pika Energy Island to make connecting batteries to solar simpler, smarter and more powerful.

The X7600 Islanding Inverter takes DC power from solar panels and uses it to charge a Pika-compatible smart battery with extremely high efficiency (more than 95%). Other solar-plus-storage systems connect batteries on the AC side of the inverter, resulting in lower efficiency and more complexity. With Energy Island, your solar and batteries are seamlessly connected without any additional clunky hardware or cables, for truly plug-and-play smart energy performance.

The Harbor Smart Battery™ provides up to 15.9kWh of usable energy in a slim, floor-standing enclosure containing Panasonic lithium ion technology.

More Power

Tom and Mary's Pika Energy Island system
“On the fourth night after installation, the power went out for two hours. Immediately, power flowed to the right places; the right lights stayed on, and appliances stayed powered. Very nice to see that the system worked as desired.” – Tom and Mary, Pika Energy Island owners

Because Energy Island doesn’t need any additional hardware to store solar energy in batteries and dispense it on demand, an Energy Island with Harbor Smart Battery provides up to 10kW of surge power and 6.7kW of continuous power. That’s 35% more continuous power and 42% more surge power than the leading solar smart battery solution.

What does 42% more surge power get you? A lot more usable power during a grid blackout. With Energy Island, you can keep large electrical loads like HVAC, sump pumps and well pumps running, even without a grid connection.

Smart Software

With the free, built-in REview Dashboard™, you’ll always know how much clean power you’re collecting and using. Mobile-ready and simple to navigate, REview is accessible from anywhere, for monitoring your solar energy in the home or on the go.



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