house that needs power because of storm

What electrical loads can I run with the Pika Energy Island?

house that needs power because of stormThe Pika Energy Island™ is unique in its ability to provide more clean backup power than other smart home energy storage systems. When using the Harbor Smart Battery™, Energy Island provides up to 6.7kW of continuous power and 10kW of surge power.

That’s 34% more continuous power and 42% more surge power than the leading solar smart battery.

What does that extra power give you? Reference the table below to see some examples of what your life during your next power outage will look like when using a Pika Energy Island system for automatic clean backup power.




Example electrical loadsEnergy Island with Harbor Flex™ Smart BatteryEnergy Island with Coral™ Smart BatteryEnergy Island with Harbor Plus™ Smart Battery
Refrigerator & freezer
Household lighting
Furnace/Central AC
Water well pump
Laptop computer
Flat screen TV
Cell phone charger
Electric oven/range
Electric water heater
Sump pump
Estimated time until empty
15 hours
10 hours
24 hours

Examples provided are estimates and may change based on customer usage, appliance specifications and other factors.


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