Senior Embedded/ Controls Firmware Engineer

Pika Energy is seeking a Senior Embedded/Controls Firmware Engineer. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to architect, develop, test, release and maintain complex software systems on embedded processors. Candidates should be passionate about performance and adding new features and functionality to our family of advanced power electronics products.

About Pika Energy:

Founded in 2010, Pika Energy has a mission of accelerating the transition to locally-generated clean energy. Pika Energy’s expanding line of clean energy products includes inverters, power converters, and energy storage systems which are installed across North America and the Pacific Islands. Pika’s products combine solar panels with batteries to protect customers from power outages, cut electric bills, and make solar an asset to the electric grid. Through partnership with Panasonic, Pika offers the most powerful home battery product on the market. Pika utilizes a growing network of Pika Certified Installers and and distributors.

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Required Skills/Experience:

Great-to-have experience:

Personal characteristics:



This position will be compensated competitively through salary, benefit package (including healthcare/401K/Life/Disability), and equity participation. Pika offers flexible hours and flexible paid time off.

Please apply by sending a detailed cover letter and resume to careers@pika-energy.com.

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