Front End Software Engineer

Pika Energy is seeking a Front End Software Engineer to build, optimize and maintain user interfaces that enable control and monitoring of Pika’s expanding fleet of clean energy resources. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to build elegant, performant, and maintainable user experiences, including interfacing with APIs, using modern dependency management, and unit testing.

About Pika Energy:

Pika Energy is accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy. We build power electronics products that make it simple and efficient to store solar power. We offer a seamless end-to-end platform, the Energy Island, which connects solar, storage, loads, and the grid. We have partnered with some of the top names in batteries to bring to market these powerful, easy-to-install products. Our smart batteries, islanding inverters, and solar optimizers allow home and business owners to capture, store, and utilize more solar energy. Pika Energy products are sold and installed throughout North America and Puerto Rico by a network of solar installation firms and equipment distributors.

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Required Skills/Experience:


Personal characteristics:



This position will be compensated competitively through salary, benefit package (including healthcare/401K/Life/Disability), and equity participation. Pika offers flexible hours and flexible paid time off.

Please apply by sending a detailed cover letter and resume to careers@pika-energy.com.

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