Solar Children

Living in the future with renewable energy

Solar Children
The Thomas residence will be protected from power outages will providing the home’s most essential electricity needs from solar and smart batteries.

(Excerpted from Green Energy Times)

Matt Thomas has wanted to live in a house powered by solar energy since he was a kid, when science fiction stories like “Star Trek” got him to dream of a futuristic, self-sustaining world. Flash forward to today, and Matt’s dream is within reach for all of us!

The Thomas’s will be taking advantage of Pika Energy’s signature product, the Pika Energy Island, which enables instant communication between multiple renewable energy power sources and one or more battery banks. The result for Matt’s family is a system that is able to more efficiently consume their on-site produced solar electricity, hedge against utilities gaming net metering policy, and offers instantaneous (and silent) home backup power in the event of a grid outage.

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