Department of Energy Funds Pika Energy to Drive Down Cost of Small Wind Turbine Blades

Pika Energy wins Department of Energy grantPORTLAND, Maine — January 26, 2013 — The U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) recently awarded Pika Energy a $150,000 grant as part of the Small Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project, an effort to help manufacturers lower the cost of energy from small wind turbines. Under the DOE funding award, Pika Energy will implement an innovative injection-molding process for manufacturing small wind turbine blades, thereby reducing capital cost and improving reliability. The Pika T701 home wind turbine will be the first turbine to utilize this innovative blade manufacturing process, which Pika Energy filed a patent for in 2012.

“Our engineering team is energized by the challenge of driving down the cost of small wind turbines, and we view blades as a great place to start,” said Ben Polito, President and co-founder of Pika Energy. “Blades are a major cost driver in wind turbines, and cost-effective manufacturing of high-performance blades is a significant challenge, given the need to simultaneously satisfy requirements for aerodynamic performance, structural integrity, weight, and cost.”

Pika Energy was one of two manufacturers to be awarded a DOE grant for the Small Wind Competitiveness Improvement Project.

About Pika Energy

Pika Energy, Inc. is a Westbrook, Maine-based manufacturer of direct current (DC) power electronics, including the Pika Energy Island™ system. All Pika Energy products are powered by the REbus™ DC nanogrid. Pika Energy’s products provide grid-optional clean power that enables buildings to collect, store and self-consume energy from solar and wind sources. Learn more at www.pika-energy.com.