Announcing: The new CT Accessory Kit from Pika Energy

We heard you! Based on installer input, Pika is pleased to announce a current transformer kit that provides the accessories necessary to enable Time-of-Use (TOU), Self-Supply, Zero-Export and load shifting (Demand Charge Avoidance) functionality. Each CTK2-01 kit includes two Pika Certified CTs, making installations easier than ever.

This kit may be purchased from any Pika distribution partner, starting May 1, 2018. Need a kit sooner? Contact us here.

Included in the kit:

Pika Part Number: CTK2-01

  • Two 100A current transformers
  • One Cat 5 cable adaptor
  • Installation instructions


About CTs and Pika Energy Island

The Pika Energy Island is unique in that requires no additional equipment to perform basic backup and grid export. The Islanding Inverter, Smart Battery and PV Links work together to provide that basic functionality without any additional hardware.

For home owners interested in self-supply, demand charge avoidance, time of use (TOU) and zero export capabilities, a pair of analog devices known as current transformers (CTs) will need to be installed with their system. For the first time, Pika is now offering a complete kit that includes everything needed to provide access to these exciting capabilities using the Pika Energy Island.

What are CTs?

Current transformers measure energy flows. The current transformers included in the Pika Energy Island CT Accessory Kit are clamp-type CTs that clip around the service lines on the grid side of the main service panel in the home, also known as the breaker box. The CTs sense the flow and direction of energy in and out of the home, and relay that information to the inverter. The CTs found in the Pika Energy CT Kit are certified to work with Pika equipment and are part of the recommended CT list found in the Pika installation manual.

Why use CTs?

CTs allow the inverter to capture important information about how much energy is being used in the home. This information allows you or your customer to take advantage of TOU, self supply, demand charge management and zero-export functionality. For example, if a homeowner wants to supply 100% of their energy needs with clean power, CTs allow the inverter to sense how much energy is being demanded at a given time, and meter out a precise amount of energy from solar and/or batteries to meet those needs. In this configuration, a home can run on solar power 24/7.

Time of use scheduling

In markets where utilities vary the rates they charge for energy based on the average demand at a given time of day, Pika Energy Island owners can use their system to drastically cut down on their energy expenses by allowing homeowners to “self-consume” their energy during the times when rates are highest. In California, for instance, a system may be programmed to charge the battery and export excess energy to the grid for net metering during the day. At 4pm, when the grid switches to peak rates, the inverter begins to supply the household demand sensed by the CTs using stored energy from the battery.

Do I need the Pika CT Kit?

Current transformers and the CT Kit are optional for backup and grid export applications. Some applications, such as self supply and time-of-use require CTs.

If your application calls for CTs, you may source your own as long as they meet Pika specifications. Our new kit makes CTs easy to source and is a convenient way to get the job done faster. Please see the inverter installation manual for full specifications and recommended parts.

Interested in ordering the kit? Contact your solar distributor and ask for it, or contact Pika here.