About Pika Energy

Pika Energy is accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy by building products that make it simple and efficient to store solar power. We offer a seamless energy platform, the Pika Energy Island™, which connects solar and storage to your home and the grid. Our system intelligently allows home and business owners to capture, store, and utilize more solar energy on-site; offering protection from rising and changing energy costs and grid disruptions.

Pika Energy’s products are developed and manufactured in the United States and are sold and installed throughout North America and Puerto Rico by a network of professional certified Pika Energy installers and equipment distributors. Our Harbor™ smart battery series was developed in partnership with Panasonic, and is powered by their industry leading Li-ion technology.

All Pika Energy products are powered and connected by the patented REbus™ DC nanogrid, a smart 380VDC bus that provides power transmission, control, and data on the same wires. REbus-enabled products automate the flow of clean power, enabling buildings to seamlessly collect, store, sell, or self-consume energy.

Our mission is to power the transition from fossil fuel energy sources to clean, smart, renewable energy. Our partners include global electronics brands, energy utilities, solar installation professionals and green builders who share our mission. Contact us to learn more.


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