Harbor Smart Battery

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Pika Energy Island

The award-winning platform for smart energy management

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Flexible, future-ready home energy storage. Clean and simple.

The Pika Energy Island™ is a complete home energy storage platform that connects solar PV, smart batteries, loads, and the grid. Designed for plug-and-play installation and superior efficiency, the Pika Energy Island makes home energy storage simple, smart, and powerful.

The Pika Energy Island and Harbor Smart Battery for home energy storage



The Pika Energy Island is an ecosystem of integrated products designed to enable any building to generate, store and consume its own clean energy.

Use the Pika Energy Island’s smart, built-in operational modes for:

Battery backup – A simple, robust option for using clean energy to keep a building powered when the grid can’t

Self-supply – Attain energy independence by storing excess solar energy for later use

Demand charge reduction – Store off-peak grid power for use when utilities charge the highest rates

Future flexibility – Add solar today and energy storage later, increase your storage capacity over time… with Pika, you have more energy and more options.


Pika Energy Island - Smarter home energy storage

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