Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Pika Energy’s U.S.-made home wind turbine systems.

Home wind turbineDo I have enough wind for a Pika Home Wind Turbine?

The more wind you have, the more energy your turbine will produce. Our T701 turbine starts producing power at winds of 7 mph. A small wind turbine works best in regions with an average wind speed of at least 10 mph (4.5 m/s) at a height of 90 feet (30 m). Use our Wind Self-Assessment Calculator to assess your region’s wind resource.

How tall a tower do I need for a Pika Home Wind Turbine?

Your T701 turbine should be mounted on a Pika Energy-approved tower that it is at least 30 feet higher than trees and structures within a 300-foot radius.  Surrounding objects create air turbulence that reduces the energy production of your turbine, so it is important to use a sufficiently tall tower. Short towers are a leading cause of turbine under-performance. Remember that trees will grow taller in a few years, so if in doubt, use a taller tower. Pika Energy offers a range of economical and practical tower options. We also engineer tower-top adapters to fit nearly all tower gauges and models.

How much space is needed to install a Pika Home Wind Turbine?

The space you need depends on the type of tower you choose and your local zoning. In general, you will need at least a couple acres of land. A guyed tower requires a kite shaped area at least as long and wide as the tower. A monopole tower requires an open lane at least as tall as the turbine, for raising and lowering the tower.

I live in a dense residential neighborhood and don’t have much land. What are my options?

It will be difficult to install a wind turbine for your home, but you might have a great spot for a solar PV system. Pika Energy offers solar and home islanding solutions so you can generate and store clean energy. Contact us to learn more.

How much does a Pika Home Wind Turbine cost?

The installed price of a turbine depends on the tower type, tower height, and the complexity of the site. For the basic components of the system, plan to spend about $6,000 on the turbine, which includes the inverter (or charge controller, for off-grid systems). Installation charges and tower options add to the total cost of the system. Our products are third-party certified, U.S.-made, and designed to be a low-maintenance and high-performance as possible.

Here in the United States, the federal investment tax credit enables you to easily reduce the installed net system price by 30%. Many states also offer rebates and other incentives to further reduce the cost. Please contact us to obtain accurate pricing information based on your location and system interests.

Can I purchase a wind turbine directly from Pika Energy and install it myself?

Yes: Most Pika Home Wind Turbine installations are performed by trained installers, but we have a range of direct-sale options for DIY customers. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about DIY options in your region.

Is the Pika T701 Home Wind Turbine System fully certified?

Yes, the Pika Home Wind Turbine T701 is  fully-certified to the AWEA 9.1-2009 specification and is one of the only in its class to achieve full certification from the Small Wind Certification Council. Our certification materials are available here.

Is your wind turbine loud?

The Pika Home Wind Turbine is currently the quietest wind turbine to be certified by the Small Wind Certification Council. Third party testing of the turbine resulted in 38.3 dB, which is quieter than most refrigerators.

Do you sell bigger turbines? Do you sell smaller turbines?

Pika Energy currently manufactures and sells only the T701 turbine, which has a peak output of 1.7kW. Due to our high-voltage REbus DC technology, your turbine makes more usable power than comparably-sized turbines from other sources.

Will a Pika Home Wind Turbine system enable me to disconnect from the grid?

Yes. Our off-grid system options can give you energy independence to power your home without a grid connection. Our Pika Battery Charge Controller uses efficient DC-DC charging and bidirectional energy management to give you a high performing “energy operating system” for your off-grid home.

Our grid-tied systems use our Pika Grid-Tie Hybrid inverter and X7601 Islanding Inverter. When you are producing more power than you need, the Pika Home Wind Turbine is designed to feed the extra power back into the grid, so you can use it later. The turbine and inverter turn your meter backward, and you only pay for the difference between the amount you use and the amount your turbine produces.

I’m already off-grid. What are the benefits of adding a wind turbine to my setup?

Your Pika Home Wind Turbine will give you many off-grid benefits, including more clean power at critical times including evenings, stormy weather and long winters, better battery charging and overall battery health, direct DC-DC charging for maximum efficiency, and bidirectional power management so your system never has to manage a dump load. Best of all, you can interconnect your solar and wind on the same charge controller, to maximize your system efficiency and operation, while monitoring its production all on one web dashboard.

Pika Energy’s REbus nanogrid technology uses 380V DC, and our charge controller charges 48V and 24V battery systems.

How much of my electric bill will a Pika Energy system offset?

A Pika Home Wind Turbine can offset between 20% and 60% of an average household’s electricity needs. A Pika Energy wind-solar hybrid system can offset between 40% and 100% of an average household’s electricity needs. Wind and solar energy resources are site-dependent, and the average household electricity usage varies widely.

What is the payback on a Pika Home Wind Turbine system?

The payback on a system varies widely from site to site, depending on average wind speed, height of tower, retail electricity costs, and government incentives. Payback time can range from as little as 4 years to more than 20 years.

Can I mount a Pika Home Wind Turbine on my house?

Wind turbines mounted on buildings have a poor performance track record. Comparative data from the Boston Museum of Science indicates that even building-mounted wind turbines need tall towers to get above the turbulence from the building. A T701 turbine should be mounted on a Pika Energy-approved tower.

How much maintenance is required?

The Pika Home Wind Turbine is designed for a 20-year operational life with no scheduled maintenance. The turbine only has two moving parts, the bearings are fully housed, and the blades both lightweight and rigid, composed of glass-reinforced polymer. Pika recommends replacing the bearings and inspecting the blades at 10-year intervals.

Will my wind turbine kill birds?

The Pika Home Wind Turbine only has a blade diameter of 3 meters (~9 feet), so it does not pose a significant threat to birds. The windows of your home, your car and your house cat will each harm far more birds each year than your wind turbine will.

What advantages does a Pika Home Wind Turbine have over other small turbines?

The T701 is one of the only in its class that has achieved power performance certification from the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC). Our unique DC nanogrid provides a future-proof solution for home energy management while giving you the benefits of an extremely efficient system that can use economical 12-gauge wire up to a quarter-mile with limited line loss. Additionally, our system components are pre-engineered for simple setup and flexible, scalable options. Our products are made in the United States in our facility in Westbrook, Maine. This gives us the edge on quality control and customer service, while allowing customers to take pride in purchasing a clean energy solution made in the United States.

How long is the warranty?

The T701 comes with a 5-year warranty covering the turbine and inverter. We also offer an extended warranty plan. Please contact us for details.

Where can I find more information on small wind turbines?