Harbor Smart Battery

Powered by Panasonic Li-ion Battery Technology


Harbor 10P/15P Smart Battery

Smart power on demand

Harbor™ is a solar-ready smart battery providing 10-15kWh of usable energy with industry-leading simplicity and features. Featuring Pika Energy’s patented REbus™ 380VDC nanogrid platform and powered by Panasonic Li-ion Battery Technology, the Harbor Smart Battery is the safe, powerful companion to the Pika Energy Island™ system for grid-tied solar with battery-interactive performance.

Harbor directly couples to the Pika Islanding Inverter, enabling solar-powered buildings to store clean energy with revolutionary efficiency and simplicity. That means more usable power when the grid fails, and a faster return on your smart energy investment.



  • One technician installs the Harbor Smart Battery in less than one hour
  • No messy wiring
  • No autotransformers or additional battery inverters
  • Floor-standing, wall-secured design
  • Lightweight, simple design


  • Clean Backup Power – Automatically support islanded loads without the grid
  • Self-Supply – Avoid buying or selling power, prioritizing clean energy consumption
  • Rate Arbitrage – Manage energy costs with superior DC-coupled efficiency and improved economic benefit


  • Efficient – DC-coupled design maximizes energy harvest Simple – Installs in less than one hour, no separate switches or autotransformers needed
  • Flexible – Up to 60kWh of storage per Pika Islanding Inverter
  • Proven Battery Technology – Panasonic’s world-leading lithium ion technology is backed by a 10-year warranty


Harbor installs in under one hour to provide 10kWh or 15kWh of clean energy storage, scalable to 60kWh per Pika Islanding Inverter™. With 100% depth-of-discharge, Harbor provides exactly the amount of storage to fit your energy needs.


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Technical Specifications

SpecificationHarbor Model: SB15PHarbor Model: SB10P
Usable Energy Capacity15kWh10kWh
Continuous Rated Power6.7kW4.5kW
Surge Power10kW6.7kW
DC Voltage360-420VDC360-420VDC
DC Current24A24A
Depth of Discharge100%100%
Recommended Operating Temperature54-86°F54-86°F
Communications ProtocolREbus DC Nanogrid™REbus DC Nanogrid™
Remote MonitoringREview™ DashboardREview™ Dashboard
Dimensions65 x 22.5 x 8.7in65 x 22.5 x 8.7in
Warranty10 years10 years