Pika PV Link / S2501

Pika PV Link S2501. Solar substring optimizer for DC nanogrids and grid storage

Pika PV Link™ seamlessly connects a solar array with Pika Energy Island

Overcome shading and challenging roof lines with PV Link. Series 2-9 modules with each PV link to optimize power output and enable communication with a Pika inverter. Connect PV Link with the Pika Islanding Inverter to build a smart nanogrid with high-performance battery storage solutions.

System Features

  • Fast, simple installation – Install a single PV Link to control up to 9 panels.
  • Tight performance – Performance in shade and complex rooflines, with less equipment risk.
  • 380VDC output – PV Link makes getting 380VDC from the array both simple and affordable.
  • Safety – PV Link meets Rapid Shutdown requirements, while providing ground fault protection.
  • Substring monitoring – Smart performance tracking on the REview™ web dashboard.
  • Low SKU count – Minimize the installed components to make design and installation simple.

Pika PV Link vs. Module-Level Electronics and String Inverters

Feature Pika PV Link Module-Level Electronics String Inverters
Rapid Shutdown compliant  ✔
Fast installation
Maintains performance in shading
Quick problem targeting
Low maintenance
Compatible with advanced storage
Flexible system configuration
Module data tracking

Technical Specifications

Model S2501 PV Link™
Rated Power 2500W
MPPT Voltage Range 60-360VDC
Max Input Voltage (VOC) 420V (Max when cold)
Max Output Voltage 420V (open circuit)
Nominal Output REbus™ DC nanogrid (380VDC plus data)
Max Output Current 8A
Efficiency 99% Peak/CEC
Standby Power <1W
Topology Boost Converter
Protections Ground Fault Detection
Max Operating Temp 70° C
Remote Monitoring Via REview web dashboard
Weight 3.3kg (7.3lb)
Dimensions 390mm x 50mm x 243mm (15.4” x 2” x 9.6”)
Certifications UL 1741; CSA C22.2
Warranty 25 years


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