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With 3kW of power, the X3001 grid-tie Hybrid Inverter is the clean and simple way to build a wind/solar hybrid system.

The 3kW-rated X3001 is a cost-effective, bi-directional inverter using the REbus DC Nanogrid™. This grid-tie inverter efficiently connects your T701 Pika Home Wind Turbine to your AC loads and utility grid. Connect the X3001 to your Pika Energy Island system to integrate wind with your solar-plus-storage system.    


  • Wind turbine system with Pika T701 – The ideal companion to the Pika Home Wind Turbine for grid-tied systems, the Pika Grid-Tie Hybrid Inverter's 380VDC input can run on economical 12 AWG wire with less than 2% transmission loss up to a quarter-mile.
  • Grid-tied hybrid energy – The X3001 makes hybrid wind/solar systems simple and smart with universal inputs and bi-directional power flow. Connect to the Pika Energy Island system to integrate your T701 wind turbine with grid-tied solar-plus-storage.
  • DC Lighting and Appliances. Power DC loads that run directly off the REbus DC Nanogrid for maximum efficiency and significant energy savings.

System Features

  • Simple installation – All Pika Energy inverters are simple and fast to install and commission over the plug-and-play REbus 380VDC Nanogrid.
  • Self-configuring – REbus devices self-discover and set up their own network, using powerline carrier communications.
  • Reliability – The X3001 uses an all solid state design and a removable electrolytic capacitor board.
  • Easy Expandability – Install a T701 Pika Home Wind Turbine and X3001 Hybrid Inverter, and easily expand later with solar or additional wind.


Model X3001
Max power 3000W/50°C; 2700W/60°C
Nominal AC output 120/240V;  60Hz
Max AC current 13A
Input REbus DC Nanogrid™ (380VDC plus data)
Peak Efficiency 96.3%
Weighted Efficiency 96% CEC
Cooling Passive convection (no fan)
Max operating temp 60°C
Certification UL 1741; CSA standard C22.2 No. 107.1-01
Topology Single-stage; non-isolated
Local user interface LCD touchpad
Remote monitoring Wi-Fi 802.11 (built-in)
Weight 11.7 kg  (26lb)
Dimensions W x H x D 370mm x 352mm x 141mm (14.5" x 14" x 5.5")
Warranty 5 years