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With 3kW of power, the X3001 grid-tie Hybrid Inverter is the clean and simple way to build a wind/solar hybrid system.

The 3kW-rated X3001 is a cost-effective, bi-directional inverter using the REbus DC Nanogrid™. This grid-tie inverter efficiently connects your T701 Pika Home Wind Turbine to your AC loads and utility grid. Connect up to 2kW of solar in parallel with a T701 wind turbine for a plug-and-play hybrid grid-tied system. Off-grid wind systems can be built by coupling the X3001 to a standalone off-grid battery inverter.




  • Grid-tied hybrid energy – The X3001 makes hybrid wind/solar systems simple and smart with universal inputs and bi-directional power flow.
  • Wind turbine system with Pika T701 – The ideal companion to the Pika Home Wind Turbine for grid-tied systems, the Pika Grid-Tie Hybrid Inverter’s 380VDC input can run on economical 12 AWG wire with less than 2% transmission loss up to a quarter-mile.
  • Off-grid hybrid energy. Power an off-grid system from the wind and sun by easily AC coupling the X3001 to an off-grid inverter.
  • DC Lighting and Appliances. Power DC loads that run directly off the REbus DC Nanogrid for maximum efficiency and significant energy savings.

System Features

  • Simple installation – For hybrid systems using solar and wind, save time and hassle by feeding both into a single X3001 Hybrid Inverter.
  • Self-configuring – REbus devices self-discover and set up their own network.
  • Reliability – The X3001 uses an all solid state design (no cooling fan) and a removable electrolytic capacitor board.
  • Easy Expandability – Install a T701 Pika Home Wind Turbine and X3001 Hybrid Inverter, and easily expand later with solar or additional wind.


Model X3001
Max power 3000W/50°C; 2700W/60°C
Nominal AC output 120/240V;  60Hz
Max AC current 13A
Input REbus DC Nanogrid™ (380VDC plus data)
Peak Efficiency 96.3%
Weighted Efficiency 96% CEC
Cooling Passive convection (no fan)
Max operating temp 60°C
Certification UL 1741; CSA standard C22.2 No. 107.1-01
Topology Single-stage; non-isolated
Local user interface LCD touchpad
Remote monitoring Wi-Fi 802.11 (built-in)
Weight 11.7 kg  (26lb)
Dimensions W x H x D 370mm x 352mm x 141mm (14.5″ x 14″ x 5.5″)
Warranty 5 years