Pika Energy Island

Solar plus storage. Simplified.

Control solar, batteries and local loads with one inverter. The Pika Energy Island uses the REbus 380VDC nanogrid to centralize solar, storage, loads, and the grid on a single smart bus that transmits power, control and data on the same wires to automate the flow of power. Learn more about the devices that make up the Pika Energy Island below.

The Pike Energy island system is flexible

The Pika Energy Island uses Pika PV Link™ DC optimizers to maximize energy harvest and simplify installation with minimal hardware. Overcome challenging shade scenarios with PV Link’s powerful substring MPPT capabilities. Connect 2-9 solar panels to each PV Link optimizer, enabling flexible system designs, performance monitoring and maximum powerpoint tracking. PV Link is fast to install with MC-4 connectors and is fully compliant with NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown requirements.

The Pika Energy Island uses REbus, our patented 380VDC bus that make efficient, smart connections between DC converters and inverters. High voltage lithium ion batteries connect to the Energy Island seamlessly with optimal efficiency for charging and discharging energy. No separate battery inverter is needed. With peak inverter efficiency at 98%, Pika Energy Islands generate, store and provide more energy than other systems, without the cost and maintenance of additional equipment.

At the center of the Pika Energy Island is the Pika Islanding Inverter™, a battery-ready inverter capable of providing automated backup power, cutting demand charges and performing zero-export functions. Using an internal transfer switch, the Pika Islanding Inverter switches automatically from grid-tied operation to standalone mode when the grid goes down, islanding without the need for an external autotransformer.

Pika Islanding Inverter

Pika Islanding Inverter. Simplified battery ready solar invertersConnect solar generation to storage, the grid and advanced loads with the Pika Islanding Inverter. Learn more about Pika Islanding Inverters

  • Battery backup – The simplest, smartest option for adding storage to a solar PV system.
  • Self-supply – Attain energy independence with self-consumption of stored solar energy.
  • Demand charge reduction – Store off-peak grid power for use when utilities charge peak rates.
  • Advanced DC nanogrids – Power high performance DC loads using the bi-directional REbus DC nanogrid.


Pika PV Link

The PV Link is a DC solar optimizer made with the installer in mind. Reduce costs and simplify your system design process with PV Link. Learn more about the S2501 PV Link

    • Fast, simple installation – Install a single PV Link to control up to 9 panels.
    • Tight performance – Performance in shade and complex rooflines, with less equipment risk.
    • 380VDC output – PV Link makes getting 380VDC from the array both simple and affordable.
    • Safety – PV Link meets Rapid Shutdown requirements, while providing ground fault protection.
    • Substring monitoring – Smart performance tracking on the REview™ web dashboard.
    • Low SKU count – Minimize the installed components to make design and installation simple.


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