Pika OEM Solutions

components for next-gen storage solutions

Pika Energy’s OEM components help manufacturers of storage solutions bring better products to market, faster. Learn more about Pika Energy’s OEM solutions below.


Above: Two examples of energy storage powered by Pika Energy power electronics

Pika Power Core™ / X7601c

The Pika Power Core offers the robust functionality of the Pika Islanding Inverter in a small, integration-ready component form. Enable your product to connect with solar generation, energy storage, the grid and advanced loads with the versatile X7601c.

  • Simplifies integration of power electronics versus off-the-shelf inverters
  • Small form factor and weight for better packaging flexibility and tight integration
  • Streamlines installation, operations and maintenance
  • Lowers cost by eliminating unnecessary and redundant components
  • Includes internal transfer switch for critical loads


Learn more about Pika Power Core

Pika B Link™ / B301c

B Link is an integration-ready solution that provides an efficient bi-directional charging gateway between series-connected battery systems and a flexible 380VDC bus. Build a smart battery ready for direct coupling with today’s grid-tied PV systems.

  • Small, lightweight design for tight OEM integration
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • Compatible with many high voltage battery options
  • Flexible, scalable integration options
  • Plug-and-play with Pika inverters and PV optimizers

Learn more about B Link here

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