Pika Islanding Inverter

X7600 and X11400 series Islanding Inverter – Pika Energy Island Compatible™

The single-inverter solution for grid-interactive islanding performance

Solar-plus-storage is simple with the Pika Islanding Inverter. This bi-directional, battery-ready inverter uses auxiliary grid sensing to perform transformerless islanding for clean backup power. With integrated DC breakers for PV and batteries, installations are simpler and far more efficient than AC-coupled or conventional DC-coupled designs. Ideal for self-consumption and ready for grid services like demand response, the U.S.-made Pika Islanding Inverter is our most powerful, flexible inverter yet.



  • Pika Islanding Inverter - InstalledConventional grid-tie – Planning to add a smart battery later? The Pika Islanding Inverter operates as a conventional, grid-tie inverter in the meantime. And when you do add a Pika-compatible smart battery, you won’t need any additional battery inverters or autotransformers.
  • Battery backup – Add a smart battery to back up critical loads using the Pika Islanding Inverter’s internal, automatic transfer switches.
  • Self-supply – Attain energy independence with balanced self-consumption of stored solar energy.
  • Advanced DC nanogrids – Power high performance DC loads using the bi-directional REbus DC nanogrid.
  • Commercial three-phase power – Reduce commercial demand charges with the 208VAC three-phase X11400 series.


  • Simplicity – The Pika Islanding Inverter is a single device for connecting energy sources, storage, loads, and the grid.
  • Direct integration with smart batteries – Connect a Pika-compatible smart battery directly to the Pika Islanding Inverter without needing an additional battery inverter or separate interface hardware.
  • Critical loads – Support 120/240V critical loads with no external autotransformer required, even with three-phase models.
  • Self-configuring – Like all REbus™-powered products, the Pika Islanding Inverter is self-configuring and automatically discovers connected REbus devices such as Pika PV Link™ and Pika-compatible smart batteries.
  • Operational modes – The Pika Islanding Inverter features selectable modes for Grid Connect, Self Supply, Clean Backup and Priority Backup.

Clean Backup Power Pika Energy Operational Mode


Technical Specifications

AC OUTPUT/ GRID-TIENoteX7600 SeriesX11400 SeriesUnit
Rated AC Power Output-760011400Watts
AC Output Voltage-120/240, 1Ø120/208, 3ØVAC
AC Frequency-6060Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current-3232Amps, RMS
Ground-Fault Isolation DetectionIntegratedIncludedIncluded-
Charge Battery from AC-YesYes-
THD (current)-< 2%< 2%-
Typical Nighttime Power Consumption-< 7< 7Watts
Rated AC Backup Power Output-80008000Watts
Maximum AC Backup Power Output-1200012000Watts
AC Backup Output Voltage-120/240120/240VAC
AC Frequency-6060Hz
AC Circuit BreakerIntegrated5050Amps
THD (voltage)-< 2%< 2%-
Automatic Switchover Time-< 1< 1Second
Typical Nighttime Power Consumption-3030Watts
DC Input Voltage Range-360-420360-420VDC
Nominal DC Input VoltageREbus™380380VDC
Max Input Current-2030Amps
Reverse-Polarity ProtectionIntegrated, certifiedYesYes-
Ground-Fault Isolation DetectionIntegrated, not certifiedYesYes-
Transformerless, UngroundedIntegrated, certifiedYesYes-
Maximum Continuous Power800012000Watts
Internal DC Distribution Breakers2p DC breakers4x2p30A14x 2p30A-
DC Fuses on Plus and MinusField replaceable40240Amps
2-pole DisconnectionIntegratedYesYes-
Peak Efficiency-98%98%-
CEC Weighted Efficiency-97%97%-
1Inverter model X7601 features both: 2x 2p20A and 2x 2p30A breakers. 2Inverter model X7601 features 30A fuses.

Inverter Features

Grid Sell-Yes-
Self Consumption-Yes-
Prioritized Charging from Renewables-Yes-
Genset Integration-In progress-
DC Load Support-Yes-
Grid Support - Zero Export-Yes-
Supported Communication Interfaces-CANbus, RS4854, Ethernet-
System Monitoring and Network CommunicationsFree, integratedREview™-
Revenue Grade Data, ANSI C12.1Optional--
Critical Loads Disconnect3IntegratedYes-
Manual Inverter Bypass SwitchIntegratedAutomatic-
Rapid Shutdown functionality for NEC 2014 690.12IntegratedYes-
Arc Fault Protection (Type 1) for NEC 2011 690.11 complianceIntegratedNo-
WarrantyStandard, extended10, 20Years
Safety-UL1741, CSA 22.2-
Grid Connection Standards-IEEE 15475-
Emissions-FCC part15 class B-
Wire Gauge Range-10 - 8AWG
Total AC Ports / SizeStandard knockouts2 x 0.75", 2 x 1"-
Total DC Ports / SizeStandard knockouts5 x 1"-
DimensionsHxWxD24.5 x 19.25 x 8In
CoolingUser replaceable fanForced convection-
Noise-< 40dBA
Min-Max Operating Temperature--20 to +50ºC
Protection RatingEnclosure Type3RNEMA
Battery Types Supported-Smart battery native6-
Module String Size per PV Link OptimizerS2500 series PV Link2-9PV Modules
Maximum Recommended DC Power from PV30% max PV oversize factor10-15Kw
Batteries per InverterUnlimited--
3Islanding functionality available for X7600 (1ø) and X11400 (3ø) models 4Modbus, 5Standards in progress: UL 1741SA, Hawaii TrOV2, FVRT, 6Li-ion, PbSO4, AHI and others with Pika B Link™

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