Hybrid grid-tied wind/solar system

“It has been a source of numerous conversations and has increased my circle of contacts,” said Eugene, a homeowner in Kechi, Kansas. He’s describing the social benefits of his Pika Energy hybrid system, which uses solar power and a Pika Home Wind Turbine to deliver clean energy to his home.

“The system is a statement that sustainability is an interest and value of mine,” he added.

Eugene’s wind/solar hybrid system has allowed him to enact his commitment to sustainable living, and he credits two financial factors in making his system easier to purchase:

  1. Tax credits – Pika Energy systems are eligible for the 30% Federal Income Tax credit
  2. Net metering – Eugene’s utility buys back the excess power his system generates.

As with all Pika Energy systems, Eugene’s home is powered by REbus™, a high-voltage DC nanogrid that provides power transmission, control, and data all on one wire. The self-configuring system collects, manages and distributes power as needed, working as a smart energy operating system for Eugene’s home.

Eugene’s plans for his home include powering advanced DC loads like high performance appliances. He looks forward to powering these loads with REbus. “I would like to drive an electric vehicle and charge it with the 380VDC from REbus,” Eugene added.

Having owned another wind turbine in the 1980s, Eugene said the experience of having the Pika Home Wind Turbine installed was smooth. He has especially liked that Pika Energy’s own technicians can monitor his power production and administer system upgrades remotely over the REview™ web dashboard.

Eugene’s system is shown in the dashboard shot below. The yellow bars show his solar power, while the blue bars illustrate his wind production.

Kechi hybrid grid-tie system


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