SB288 Smart Battery Enclosure – 8kW 14kWh

Pika Energy Island Compatible™

a Pika Coral™ smart battery for solar plus storage

Safe and reliable backup power, without a dirty gas generator.

Coral is a pre-wired and fully-powered enclosure for deep cycle backup batteries, directly compatible with the Pika Energy Island. Keep critical loads powered with stored solar energy at a fraction of the cost of other solar backup solutions. Assemble Coral and compatible deep-cycle batteries onsite for convenient transport and installation. Featuring 8kW of battery power using the Pika B Link™ DC/DC battery converter, Coral offers a high-power and high-efficiency solution for clean backup power.

Coral is an affordable, powerful solution for:

  • Standby backup power for grid-tied solar
  • Customers in areas prone to power outages
  • Customers who want an affordable backup-power entry point


Coral directly connects to the Pika Islanding Inverter using common materials, making installation simple, requiring no additional hardware.



Coral Specifications

SpecificationCoral Model: SB288Unit
Stored Energy Capacity14kWh
Charging Current30A
Maximum Power Capacity8kW
Power Converter Efficiency (max)99% peak-
Battery DC Voltage (nominal)288V
DC Bus Voltage (nominal)±190VDC
Standby Power Consumption3W
Sleep Power Consumption<1W
Dimensions (H x W x D)38 x 26 x 31in
DC Bus Voltage (nominal)±190VDC
Standby Power Consumption3W
Pika Equipment Temp. Range (min/max)-15 to 50°C
Compatible Battery Type and Voltage*Deep cycle AGM, sealed, 12V, Group 22, 50-55Ah*-
Protection FeaturesOver/under voltage, overtemp, over-current, battery temp-
CommunicationsREbus (Power Line Carrier)-
Weight (unloaded, loaded)± 230, ±1300lb
Remote MonitoringVia REview Internet Dashboard-
Pika Equipment Limited Warranty**10years

*Purchase compatible deep-cycle batteries separately

**Pika warranty does not cover batteries