The Harbor Smart Battery Series: Smart Power on Demand

The Harbor Smart Battery provides clean energy storage with revolutionary simplicity and automated performance. Combining Pika Energy’s leading power electronics and Panasonic’s world-class lithium ion batteries, each Harbor unit stores 10-15kWh of clean energy, directly coupled to solar PV. Harbor is the safe, powerful and smart energy storage companion to the award-winning Pika Energy Island™ […]

Faster, simpler solar installations with Pika PV Link

PV Link™ gives installers a simpler, faster way to install high-performing systems that meet Rapid Shutdown requirements. Microinverters showed the world the benefits of managing system performance at the module level, but putting inverter electronics on the roof is a bad bet. They get hot, they fail, they result in warranty claims and return visits. DC optimizers […]

Smarter solar-plus-storage: Say goodbye to AC coupling

Smarter solar-plus-storage: Say goodbye to AC coupling AC coupling has been a commonplace way to solve an important problem: Adding batteries to solar PV. But now, there’s a much better solution. Solar-plus-storage gains steam With the arrival of lithium ion smart batteries comes an increase in residential buyers for solar energy systems with battery backup capabilities. The benefits […]