Harbor Smart Battery

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Pika Energy Island

The award-winning platform for smart energy management

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Flexible, future-ready energy. Clean and simple.

The Pika Energy Island™ is a complete clean energy platform that connects solar PV, smart batteries, loads, and the grid with a single, U.S.-made inverter. Designed for plug-and-play installation and superior efficiency via the REbus DC Nanogrid™, the Pika Energy Island makes solar-plus-storage simple, smart, and powerful.




Battery backup – The simple, clean option for adding storage to a solar PV system

Self-supply – Attain energy independence with self-consumption of stored solar energy

Demand charge reduction – Store off-peak grid power for use when utilities charge peak rates

Smart home nanogrid – Efficiently power DC-sourced appliances and other loads directly from your Pika Energy Island


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The Pika Energy Island is a suite of integrated products that combines a single islanding solar inverter with DC-coupled smart batteries to turn any building into a nanogrid that generates, stores and consumes its own clean energy.


Pika Islanding Inverter™ / X7600, X11400
At the center of the Pika Energy Island is the Pika Islanding Inverter™, a storage-ready, transformerless islanding inverter capable of providing automated backup power, self-supply, and rate arbitrage.

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Pika PV Link™ / S2500Pika PV Link substring optimizer
This sub-array DC optimizer maximizes energy harvest and simplifies installation with minimal hardware. Connect 2-9 solar panels to each PV Link optimizer, enabling flexible system designs, performance monitoring and maximum powerpoint tracking.

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Harbor Smart Battery™
Harbor™ is a solar-ready smart battery providing 10.6-15.9kWh of usable energy with industry-leading simplicity and features. Featuring Pika Energy’s patented REbus™ 380VDC nanogrid platform and powered by Panasonic Li-ion Battery Technology, the Harbor Smart Battery is the safe, powerful companion to the Pika Energy Island™ system for grid-tied solar with battery-interactive performance. Choose the Harbor Flex™ for a scalable, competitively-priced building-block for clean energy storage. Choose Harbor Plus™ for serious backup power and 15.9kWh of usable capacity.

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a Pika Coral™ smart battery for solar plus storageCoral Smart Battery™ / SB14A
Coral is the first safe and affordable smart battery designed specifically for clean backup power. Built on trusted AGM technology, Coral features plug-and-play integration with the Pika Energy Island™. Coral makes it easier than ever to build grid-connected solar-plus-storage systems.

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REview™: System performance monitoring that follows you everywhere

The Pika Energy Island includes the free REview Monitoring Dashboard. All connected Energy Island components display their power and energy outputs in a single, easy-to-navigate format that automatically adjusts to all screen sizes. View your system’s performance in real-time and track your historic clean energy harvest, while monitoring your battery’s charge and operation mode. 


REview is automatically mobile-optimized and compatible with all iOS and Android devices.


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